Organize Your Wardrobe in Winter: 7 Tips for Pakistani Women

Winter wardrobe for women

Since the winters are coming, you will be updating and re-organizing your wardrobe. Several women in Pakistan update them according to the changing season. But if you know some tips, you may make better use of space and have a more organized wardrobe this winter. Here are the top 7 tips that you can apply while sorting things out.

They will not only help you better categorize your location but also save you time while searching for a specific item in a hurry. Moreover, these tips will make your clothes last longer by properly maintaining them. So, let’s get into their details!

Tip #1: Make Proper Categories

Finding your clothes or dresses in an organized wardrobe is the easiest. When you know where the fancy shirts, routine clothes, party-casual kurtis, and special event suits are, it will be better to pinpoint what to pick. Some people often categorize them according to color or style. On the other hand, many people make sections of sweaters, shirts, hoodies, pants, kameez shalwar, etc.

The wardrobe in the winter is more jam-packed than the summer. This season has more wearable items that you use regularly. So, imagine if you want to head out and you cannot find the upper you used to wear. Hence, making proper categories is vital to save time and effort.

Moreover, an organized wardrobe appears more professional and elegant than a pile of messy clothes on the shelves. It allows you to better use the space than scratching your head over, ‘Where should I put these jackets and scarfs?’

Tip #2: Fold Your Sweaters and Shirts

While ironed shirts are tempting to hang them to save the hassle of ironing again, we will advise you to fold them if you don’t plan to wear them soon. Understand which wearables you can fold and which are suitable for hanging. Mostly, shirts, trousers, and sweaters are best when folded and stored on their separate shelves.

Hanging them will take much more space than the folded ones. So, they make better use of space after folding. Particularly speaking of sweaters or jerseys, they also put a strain on the hangers. You will notice a deformation in their shape after some time if you leave the seaters hanging for more than weeks.

On the other hand, folding dresses also (potentially) produce fewer wrinkles on the clothes. It is because the weight of the upper clothes or suits presses them firmly. But if you hand them, they will develop small wrinkles on the front and back. Moreover, they look more organized in this state than just hanging there freely.

Tip #3: Hang Coats Elsewhere

Many people hang their coats or heavy jackets on their wardrobe, which is perfectly normal. But since these upper-wear items take up a lot of area and are quite bulky in mass, you may soon find your wardrobe low on space or get overcrowded. So, it is a better idea to stuff them somewhere else, such as in trucks.

However, the best option will be to invest in coat racks. They will keep your large area-consuming jackets out of your wardrobe and also look clean by the side of the door. Moreover, they will be more accessible in case you want to rush out of the house.

Another major reason is to keep your wardrobe and other clothes free from odor. These top items catch smells and absorb different odors during outdoor travel. Hanging them somewhere else will not only save your clothes from that odor, but open air will also free them from the smell quickly. It will help you to maintain their quality.

Tip #4: Analyze Hanging Items

While it is better to fold clothes instead of hanging them, it is not the best idea to always fold every dress you are storing in the wardrobe. It is up to you to decide which you cannot fold, such as party wear dresses or suits with delicate work. The party wear will be more visible and readily available for the next event if you hang them.

This method also has some other benefits. The hanging clothes are easy to inspect. For example, you are casually rummaging through your wardrobe or performing regular checks. There is a high chance that you will find any wear and tear, loose thread, or missing buttons. But in the folded state, you cannot notice them unless you unfold them.

For this department, the best suits are event clothes or special occasion dresses. As such, you can keep tabs on what you already have and save you from investing in the same thing. Make sure you also leave some space for instant hanging items to store them on the spot.

Tip #5: Use Portable Hooks

Sometimes, you may not have enough hanging rods, or the current items are too much that you cannot fold them (no matter how much you want). In that case, you can always use the portable hooks that you can attach to the inside of the panels or the walls. These hooks are easily purchasable from any local store. You will need to peel the back sticker and attach it to the wall surface.

They will increase your storage space, allowing you to hang other items. Hence, they will keep your rods free for other uses. On the other hand, they will add flexibility to your wardrobe organization. Although once you stick them in one place, you cannot take them out, there are many removable hooks available in the stores.

These hooks work with the suction cups that create a powerful vacuum to hold the items in their place. However, their hanging capacity is not enough to bear heavy jackets or coats.

Tip #6: Store Non-Winter Clothes Somewhere Else

When you are shifting your winter clothes to your wardrobe, take the summer wearables out and store them in a trunk. Although it is an obvious fact, many people slide these items to the side and stuff the additional items in the congested space. It overcrowds the area, leaving less space for more items and making finding the right suit on time difficult.

The practice will not clutter your wardrobe and will make it more accessible for everyday use. Moreover, it will also free the area from irrelevant items, allowing you to store other necessary clothes when required.

Another reason is to protect the light clothes from wear and tear. Since summer clothes are made from light and thin fabric, they are more prone to tears or affected by the heavy clothes of winter. You may break a button or pull a thread while removing a specific item. So, it is better to keep these things separate.

Tip #7: Light Up Dim Areas

It is common for wardrobes to have shady or dim areas. These areas often result from the other large dresses, lowering the visibility in some areas. Hence, it is beneficial to install some lighting equipment in those areas for better visibility. On the one hand, you will have a clearer view of the area. On the other hand, it will save a lot of time since you will find the item quickly.

You may install proper fixtures. However, using portable, battery-powered LED lights will be more beneficial. In any way, you will significantly notice the ease of finding stuff rather than rummaging in the dark and increasing frustration. Moreover, it will also help you in cleaning the area during regular maintenance. You will spot the dust from the corners easily.


Organizing your wardrobe before the full season is a great practice since it saves you from multiple last-minute hassles. However, if you are familiar with some even better time-saving and effort-saving tips, you can even have a more elegant wardrobe layout. After knowing the top 7 tips, follow either the most suitable or all of them to have a better wardrobe in the full season.